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A community on a small and intimate scale. Room to roam. Art to inspire us. Idyllic places to meditate. A group of people who think seriously about net-zero living and a belief that we can all benefit by creating a space that brings us closer to nature and to ourselves.

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    imagine What if there were only two rules?

    • 1. Don't take down any trees
    • 2. Use only renewable energy sources

    The rest is up to you. . .

    design Homes

    Encourage the authenticity of architectural materials, design approach and sustainable practices.

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    design Cabins

    The Cabins at Walden Monterey were created to serve as temporary structures that would enable residents, designers and guests to experience the land and homesites.

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    At a time when so many of us live our lives connected to work or connected to our devices, maybe its time to try something new. Maybe its time to reconnect with ourselves, with our families and true friends and with a large sense of what life is really about.
    Becoming a founder has many exclusive perks such as:
    • Plans for a custom home by the architect of your choice
    • Full construction drawings and permitting services
    • All home energy consultation and design
    • Construction management from start to finish
    • Driveways and site work to prepare your home site for construction
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    Discover the Surrounding Areas


    The Monterey peninsula has so much to offer as a resident of Walden.


    Monterey is a stone’s throw away to world class white sand beaches, world class golfing, Laguna Seca.


    Best in class Michelin star restaurants await you nearby.

    Walden Gathering

    The Walden Gathering is a diverse community of passionate innovators finding inspiration from nature to focus on making the world better for the next generation. Learn More


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