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Together, Nicole and Zak represent the pinnacle of real estate expertise on the Monterey Peninsula. Their combined talents, Nicole's luxurious touch and marketing savvy, and Zak's local knowledge and innovative presentation skills create a powerful synergy that resonates with buyers and sellers alike. They have not only represented the two most high-profile sales in the region but also hold the record for the highest sale ever in Monterey County at an astounding $40 million USD.

Their approach is tailored and comprehensive, ensuring that every client receives a level of service that's beyond compare. Whether it's finding a dream vacation home in this "paradise on earth" or marketing a property to showcase its unique beauty and potential, Nicole and Zak's partnership guarantees results that exceed expectations.

Their dedication to the community, their deep-rooted local knowledge, and their commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the Monterey Peninsula make them not just realtors but stewards of a lifestyle that many yearn for. Working with Truszkowski Freedman & Associates isn't just about a transaction; it's about becoming part of a legacy of excellence and experiencing the best of what the Monterey Peninsula has to offer.

This duo's diverse backgrounds, combined with their shared passion for exceptional real estate service, make them the ideal choice for anyone looking to navigate the unique market of the Monterey Peninsula. With Nicole's artistic flair and Zak's innovative marketing strategies, clients are assured of an experience that's not just satisfactory, but truly extraordinary.

For those seeking to buy or sell in this exquisite locale, Nicole Truszkowski and Zak Freedman offer not just expertise, but a partnership that transcends the ordinary, making every real estate journey an extraordinary adventure.


*Nicole Truszkowski - A Journey from the North to Coastal Mastery**
Nicole's story starts in the humble surroundings of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where her childhood was shaped by a deep appreciation for family, nature, and community. Her life's path, influenced by her parents' resilience and hard work, led her to the United States, where she became a proud American citizen and eventually settled in Carmel by the Sea, a place she adores.
Her academic journey at the University of Alberta, coupled with a decade of experience in the private club industry, honed her skills in marketing, sales, business management, and communication. These skills seamlessly transitioned into her real estate career, where her passion for exceptional service and attention to detail has been a driving force. Prior to joining Sotheby’s International Realty, she established Professional Realty Inc., specializing in luxury estates in the Central Valley. Nicole is celebrated for her innovative marketing strategies, professional photography, and artistic interior design flair, ensuring each property she represents is showcased to its fullest potential.


Nestled within the enchanting Monterey Peninsula lies a real estate market like no other. To navigate its unique charm and opportunities, you need an exceptional guide. Meet Zak Freedman, a native of Carmel, whose exceptional prowess in real estate stems from a harmonious blend of education, data-driven insights, and a lifetime of local immersion.

**A Legacy of Expertise**
Zak's journey began amidst the picturesque landscapes of Carmel-by-the-Sea, the Carmel Highlands, and Big Sur. He was raised watching his father meticulously craft, rejuvenate, and transform homes throughout these iconic locales. This upbringing instilled in Zak a profound understanding of local real estate that serves as the cornerstone for introducing clients to the elusive Carmel lifestyle.

**Specializing in Secluded Luxury**
While Zak adeptly represents properties across the region, his passion lies in uncovering secluded coastal and mountain retreats. With his aerial videography skills, he unveils these hidden gems in a captivating light. As an FAA commercial licensed drone pilot, Zak excels not only in creating stunning marketing for his own listings but also sought after for esteemed media companies and top-producing agents in the area.

**A Multifaceted Background**
Before embarking on his real estate journey, Zak, a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, spent nearly a decade financing commercial, development, and residential projects nationwide, holding 12 state NMLS licenses. His intimate knowledge of the banking industry allows him to offer clients a tailored, 360-degree approach to gaining entry into this exclusive coastal community.

**Stewardship of the Coastline**
As an avid surfer, Zak is deeply committed to preserving the breathtaking coastline and beaches of Carmel for generations to come. His lifelong exploration of every nook and cranny along the local shoreline, combined with his passion for aerial videography, provides him with an intimate understanding of all area properties.

**Setting New Heights in Marketing**
Zak's dynamic presence in the digital realm is a testament to his prowess in reaching a wider audience. Aerial videography, known for generating a click rate ten times higher than traditional photos, is Zak's secret weapon in setting your listing apart from the competition, enticing and captivating more potential buyers. Elevate your real estate journey with your trusted guide to extraordinary living on the Monterey Peninsula.

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